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Duties Taxes and Fees What is CIF Value Calculating Duties Rates of Duties CUSTOMS DUTY CALCULATOR

Duties,Taxes and Fees

If you are importing any item into Jamaica, it is important that you find out whether or not such items attract any form of government duties, taxes or processing fees. These �Duties� as they are collectively called are payable to Customs and are separate and apart from the fees that you will pay for shipping.

Here is a list of the different Duties, Taxes and fees. However, not all of them might be applicable to all items imported:

  • Import Duty

  • Stamp Duty

  • Additional Stamp Duty (ASD)

  • General Consumption Tax (GCT)

  • Special Consumption Tax (SCT)

  • Processing Fee

  • Customs Administrative Fee (CAF)

  • Standard Compliance Fee (SCF)

  • Environmental Levy (ENVL)

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To calculate the duties payable on specific items you are importing, please read our page on The Calculation of Duties on imported items

How to Calculate Customs Duties

The first step is to find the CIF Value of the Item(s) being imported. Each duty, tax or fee is a percentage of the CIF Value of the Items being imported. These duties, taxes and fees are collectively referred to as �Duties�. After the CIF Value is found, the next step is to classify the item(s), that is, to see where in the Common External Tariff (The Tariff) the item(s) falls. Having found where in The Tariff the item(s) is classified, that will tell us what duties to apply to the particular item(s).

The CIF Value is often calculated in currency used on the invoices/receipts submitted. The rate of exchange on the day before the goods arrived in Jamaica is used to convert The CIF Value of the Item(s) into Jamaican dollars, because all Duties are calculated and payable only in Jamaican dollars.

After the Rates of Duties and the CIF Value of the item(s) is found, the next step is to Calculate the Duties. This is done by multiplying the CIF Value by the Rates of Duties and adding the applicable fees.

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The CIF Value

CIF is an acronym for Cost, Insurance and Freight. The CIF is a standard used internationally to value items imported into any country. Customs in Jamaica uses the CIF value in calculating the amount of Duties, Taxes or Fees payable on goods imported. The CIF consist of the following three components which are simply added together:

  • Cost: This is cost of the item and is normally found on the invoice/receipt

  • Insurance: This is normal calculated as a percentage of the Total of The Cost and The Freight: 1% if Item came by air or 1.5% if it came by sea

  • Freight: This is the total amount paid to ship the item from abroad to Jamaica

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